Harvest crew

HuizingHarvest supports large-scale farms that have difficulties to find motivated staff for harvesting and maintaining machines. We have quite a few skilled operators, tractor drivers, mechanics and service engineers who are able to support harvesting in various countries.

The HuizingHarvest 'harvest crew' has experience in bean and pea harvesters, potato harvesters, beet harvesters, combines, grass seed mowers and so on. Moreover, our crew can be deployed in various types of crops and conditions, due to its broad knowledge. As a result, we are active all over the world all year round.

Put together a harvest crew consisting of mechanic(s) and driver(s) to be able to work efficiently. We ensure that our staff is aware of the latest technology. In addition, our staff ensures lower maintenance costs, less downtime and improved quality of the final product. Altogether, the harvest crew ensures that your harvest is done quickly and thoroughly.



Mechanics; including servicetruck and tools.*

Skilled operator/driver*

Tractor driver*


*Ask for conditions and availabilty.

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